Columbus Direct have teamed up with Babylon, a leading digital healthcare service, so you can access an English speaking GP from almost anywhere around the world* plus 24/7 health information.

This is a free service to all Columbus travel insurance customers and you just need to register with Babylon to use the service.

*Please note there may be rules where you are located which mean that doctor consultations cannot be provided by a doctor in the UK, such as the USA, and you should check this prior to booking an appointment. 

What benefits does this service provide?

Babylon enables users to have virtual consultations with English speaking doctors and healthcare professionals via audio and video calls through its interactive mobile app. 

Once registered with Babylon, you can:

  • Talk to a doctor at a time that suits you, appointments are generally available 24/7, usually within 2 hours.
  • Use a Powerful Symptom Checker that provides information on potential next steps if you’re feeling unwell. 
  • Get advice on prescriptions, and where to get them in the EEA. 
  • Access health information instantly, wherever you are. 

Babylon’s network of health professionals are available to give you medical advice and answer your questions via your choice of video or audio calls. Babylon aim to have appointments available within 2 hours, but you’re able to select a time and date which is convenient for you. You can add notes and pictures to appointment bookings, so your GP is able to start making a possible diagnosis immediately.  


Babylon’s experienced doctors, specialists and therapists are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and operate to a high clinical standard.   

How do I register with Babylon? 

Once you have purchased your Columbus travel insurance policy you will receive a welcome email from Columbus which will include all your insurance documentation. Within the welcome email you will receive a link to enable you to register for the service.

It will only take a few minutes and you’ll be able to register all insured persons on your travel insurance policy.

How can I download the Babylon app? 

Once you have registered with Babylon, download the app from your application app store.

When should I use the Babylon service?

The Babylon service should be used for non-emergency medical situations while you’re away, generally enabling you to speak to an English speaking GP 24/7, giving you peace of mind on your trip.

Don’t forget with your Columbus Direct travel insurance policy, you can call our 24 hour emergency medical assistance number on 0208 865 1640 for immediate assistance if you find yourself in an emergency situation.