Columbus Direct have teamed up with United Networks to provide all Columbus travel insurance customers with 5 days unlimited global Wi-Fi access. 


This is a free service to all Columbus travel insurance customers and all you need to do is register for the service and download the United Networks app. 

How do I register for free Wi-Fi?

Purchasing travel insurance with Columbus Direct automatically provides you with an unlimited free five-day global Wi-Fi pass; however, there are a few simple steps that you’ll need to take to activate the benefit.


Once you have purchased your Columbus travel insurance policy you will receive a welcome email from Columbus which will include all your insurance documentation. Within the welcome email you will receive a link to enable you to register for the service. Simply click on the link provided to register for your free unlimited five-day Wi-Fi pass and download the United Networks app. Once you’ve downloaded the app simply create an account and log in. 

We would advise activating the pass when you reach your destination to get optimum usage. Wait a few moments for your device to be activated; once it has been activated you’re free to start surfing the web. It really is that simple! You will also have the opportunity to upgrade the Wi-Fi pass when the free period comes to an end.

What benefits does this service provide? 

With this free benefit from United Networks, you’ll no longer need to worry about trying to find free Wi-Fi connections or paying for hotspots while you’re away. This is because United Networks have access to over 67+ million hotspots in over 180 countries worldwide.


The exact number of hotspots in each location is subject to change so don’t forget to check the United Networks Wi-Fi hotspot map for coverage. 


Before you go away it is also important to check the coverage of the cities you’re travelling too. Wi-Fi Hotspots are concentrated in major tourism capitals all over the world.


Also included within the benefit is SOS Travel Alerts, providing live updated on security incidents and natural disasters as they occur around the world.


How can I download the United Networks app?

Download the United Networks app from your application app store.