How to access the airport lounge benefit with your travel policy

If you’re on your trip and have a question about our airport lounge access benefit, check out the questions below, where we have answered our frequently asked questions.  


If you’re still unable to find the information you need, contact our customer services team who will be happy to assist.


When am I eligible for a lounge voucher?

You will be eligible for the lounge voucher when the following conditions have been met:


  • If you have registered the flight at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure.
  • If a delay of one hour or more is announced for your flight.
  • If access to a lounge which is part of the LoungeKey™ network is available at your airport terminal when the delay occurs.


The airport has announced a 1hr+ delay but I have not received my lounge voucher...

The lounge vouchers can only be issued if the airline accurately reports the delay to Flight Stats – our third party flight data tracker. If this does not occur, the delay is not captured to trigger the system to issue the lounge vouchers.


Under what delay circumstances are lounge vouchers not provided?

There is no restriction on permissible circumstances for a delay. A benefit will be provided as long as a flight is formally reported by the airline as a qualifying delay within a 24-hour period. Flights that are cancelled or rescheduled for the next day (24 hours after the flight's scheduled departure time) will not be deemed as delayed and will be handled by the airline directly via their own compensation process.

What do I need to access my lounge vouchers?

Your lounge voucher will be delivered to your registered email. To access your lounge voucher via email, you will need a mobile device that is able to download and open PDF attachments. Please ensure that you have your roaming/data service turned on in order to receive your notifications.


How am I notified about receiving the lounge vouchers?

The system will send an SMS to your registered mobile number to inform you of the lounge vouchers that will be sent to you.


Can I change my email address after registration has been submitted?

Once you submit a registration you cannot change any of the details. Instead, you should cancel the registration and re-register.


I am entitled to a lounge voucher but I haven't received it. Can I still be issued one?

Please contact the customer service team and they will be happy to assist. It may not be possible to issue you one immediately, but another may be provided for future use.


Why was I denied entry to a lounge?

You and your travel companions might be denied entry to a lounge, even with the lounge vouchers, if any of the following happens:


  • The lounge is closed when the delay occurs. In this case, please approach one of the alternative listed lounges if available.
  • If the lounge is already at full capacity. In this case, please approach alternative lounges if available.
  • If the passenger name on the lounge voucher does not match the name on the boarding pass. Unfortunately, in this case, no alternative offer will be available.
  • If you or a member of your group does not meet the lounge terms and conditions (such as minimum age, or dress code). In this case, please approach alternative lounges if available.


Why didn't I receive my lounge voucher when my flight was cancelled?

Airlines have processes for flight cancellations. These are not reported as delays, and therefore are not covered by this service. Please contact your airline directly if your flight is cancelled.


How do I provide feedback or make a complaint?

Please contact our customer services team via our contact us form by clicking here.

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